Spring Cleaning

Over the years we have had several people ask us to clean their ceiling fans.  It is not something that we have ever advertised but we have had a few emails and calls recently that prompted me to put this on the website.  If you have ceilings that are eleven feet or less, then we charge $25 for each ceiling fan and our minimum charge is $100. If your ceiling fans are higher than eleven feet, the prices are a little more depending on the height. If the fans are not working properly we can probably fix that too since we install them as well.

Window cleaning is another task that we do. One of our customers recently asked us to estimate replacing her windows. Marcial told her they didn’t need to be replaced that they just needed to be cleaned.  He said the windows were fine. We actually installed them eight years ago so we knew how old they were. So instead of her paying $1750 for new windows, she paid us $275 to clean them and her windows look brand new again. She could not be happier. So now she has decided that the money she was going to spend on windows she is going to have us do other things around the house to renew it.

There are lots of other things we do that we may not have on the website. We get calls for power washing houses and roofs and cleaning out gutters quite often.  If there is anything that you would like to inquire about, just send us an email, text us or give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions for you.




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