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There is something about an old farm house that has a certain appeal for many homeowners. It may be the idea of getting a way from the hustle and bustle of the city and living a more simplified and relaxing life. Perhaps owning a farm house is appealing because people feel like they can get back to their roots. Whatever the reason, farm houses are hot commodities on today’s home market. If you are looking at buying an old farm house, then you should know that with ownership comes a lot of work. In many instances, buying a farm house is more than a quick fixer upper. You may need to completely strip the inside of the home and remodel and renovate the entire structure. Here are some useful tips for a successful farm house renovation.

Why Renovate a Farm House?

Depending on farmhouse that you intend to buy, there are many reasons why you may need to remodel and renovate the structure. What was once a fine working house for a large family will now need to be a structure that can support the busy life of today’s modern family. Many farmhouses are not a spacious and useful as you may like. You may find that it only has one tiny bathroom and a very small kitchen. Bathroom and kitchen remodel and renovations are the biggest jobs when it comes to renovating a farmhouse.

Another reason why you will need to renovate your farm house is because there could be some potential problems with the home that you never even thought about. Foundation problems are often the biggest issue when it comes to looking at the structure of these old homes. If you find that this home has foundation problems, you will need to make sure that you have it in your budget to get the structure fixed properly. In addition, termites may be a problem, as many old houses are built completely out of wood. You will need to have a complete termite inspection before your home will be ready to renovate. The paint that was used on this home is also a big issue. Lead paint was commonly used up until about twenty years ago. If this farmhouse has not been stripped and repainted recently, then you will certainly need to be concerned with the lead contamination, both inside and outside of the structure.

Another major concern when you begin to remodel an old house, is the electrical wiring. If the structure has old electrical wiring throughout the home, it may not be able to pass a current home inspection. You will be required to replace all existing wiring and windows throughout the home, which can be an exhausting and difficult job. Of course, you will also want to look at the insulation and the windows that are currently in the home. In order for this home to be efficient, old insulation will need to be taken out and replaced with new insulation. The same goes for windows. Double pane windows are now much more energy efficient than the single pane windows that were probably used when this home was built.

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